Welcome to Genesis!

At Genesis, we are somewhat casual in our approach to church but we are passionate about our faith in Jesus. We believe excellence is a core value of Jesus Christ!

Our message is simple: your life can be transformed! You can begin different and live different through Jesus Christ!
We see Jesus as the One who empowers us everyday through His favor, hope and peace. He gives wisdom and manifests His significance through us! We know that Jesus turns the usual, (and in some cases, the unusual) into the extraordinary.

At Genesis, we want you to laugh, smile, relax and grow. We want you to feel welcomed, connect and make friends. More than that, we want you to experience positive life transformation through Jesus Christ! We invite you to attend this weekend. Welcome home!

“At Genesis, we want you to laugh, to smile, to relax and to grow.”

Charlie Tuttle | Lead Pastor 



Genesis Church