Stronger than Espresso transforms lives by:

  • Connecting women
  • Offering affordable programs
  • Building self-esteem
  • Teaching setting healthy boundaries
  • Breaking the cycle
  • Releasing freedom from shame, blame and guilt
  • Breaking down walls of fear
  • Showing God’s love
  • Replacing with healthy behaviors
  • Building leaders

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Jolt Awake!  Your Guide to Victory Over Domestic Violence and Patterns of Abuse in Your Life.

If you are a woman finally ready to break free from low self-esteem, self-condemnation and learn how to set healthy boundaries Stronger than Espresso classes are for you!

One in three women who have been impacted by domestic violence or patterns of abuse in their lives and even after the events are finally over, there is a residual emotional impact that remains.  In Stronger than Espresso classes you will work through these emotions with other women in a safe setting learn how finally get your voice and power back.

Stronger than Espresso is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering Christ-based programs exclusively designed for women survivors of domestic abuse.

A Stronger than Espresso woman is  ready to jolt awake and transform their lives.   A low-cost, community solution for women seeking encouragement, hope and emotional support to finally be free from the patterns of domestic violence.

Take a few minutes and view our introductory video to gain a better understanding to what the Stronger than Espresso program can offer you.

Check our website at to find a class near you.

Various class times and locations are held in McKinney, Frisco, Plano and all over Dallas Metro.   If you are unable to find a class that meets your needs,email with your needs.

New classes are always being put on the schedule to meet the need. If you already have your own group of 6-12 women that want to take a class we can find an instructor to lead you on this journey.

Want to learn how to lead your own Stronger than Espresso classes?   Contact for more details on our Stronger than Espresso Leader Training Program.