The passion of Genesis Church is transformed lives.  In 2002, Psalms 107:20 became our driving promise.  That verse states “God sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.”  Since that moment forward, our story is seeing transformed lives, relationships, families and futures!  No matter how good your life currently is…a God-transformation only makes it better!  And, if your life is not in a good place right now, you’re probably at the right moment to experience the transformational power of God.

The Bible teaches that transformation begins with Jesus.  The Bible shows us in the New Testament book of Romans 10:9-10 that you can experience a relationship with Jesus right now.  It’s as simple as ABC.

  • Admit you need a Savior.
  • Believe Jesus is that Savior.
  • Confess Jesus as Lord.

If you have not received the “forever hope” of Jesus in your heart, you can by praying this prayer, “Dear Jesus, I admit I need a Savior and I believe you are that Savior.  So by faith, I confess Jesus is Lord.  By faith, I confess my sin and receive your forgiveness; By faith I confess that now I am a child of God through Jesus, Amen!”
The Bible teaches if you prayed that simple prayer, you became eternally saved through Jesus Christ! We invite you to keep on clicking through the site, but we also invite you to attend Genesis Church.  Let us know you prayed that prayer by clicking here (Topic – Accepted Jesus).  

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