People matter most.  

Every person has a name and every name has a story.  The good news is as long as you are on the earth, your story is still being written. We want to know you, hear your story, connect with you and be a part of God’s story as you experience greater life transformation.

God is not complicated.

 He loves us and desires a relationship with us. God established an incredible framework for an eternal, personal relationship through Jesus Christ.  Knowing God begins through believing in Jesus and confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The Bible and prayer work together.

Here’s what we know…The Bible is true and accurate.  Prayer is simply having a conversation with God and then listening to hear God’s voice speak to our heart.  The New Testament teaches that our relationship with God is highly relational, not something that is traditional or religious.  We believe you can know God, and you can know when God is speaking to you.

Church should be simple.

 That pretty much sums it up for Genesis.  We think coffee and connection go together, just like friends, worship, and teaching from the Bible go together.  So bring a friend or make a friend, grab a cup of coffee from the coffee bar and join us as we worship, experience God and learn from the Bible.  You’ll leave our service feeling thankful you came to Genesis.  

Kids are most important.

 We love kids at Genesis.  In GenKids or GenKids Jr, children have fun, learn the Bible and experience great Bible stories.  Children also learn how they can know Jesus and accomplish incredible things! Did we mention kids have fun?   (FYI: Genesis is a peanut allergy friendly church.  No peanut or tree nut products are allowed on the campus for the health and safety of all of our GenKids!)

Relationships are vital.  

We are created to do life with others.  We encourage you to come and connect with people.  We believe in hospitality and friendliness, making friends and building relationships.  There are many ways to connect at Genesis; we invite you to come and plug-in and enjoy the company of good friends and new friends.

Transformation counts most.

Life transformation occurs through the work of the Holy Spirit.  The Bible teaches the Holy Spirit will guide us in matters of avoiding sin, living righteously and hearing the voice of God. Just like iron sharpens iron, people sharpen one another.  Here’s the bottom line: your life will be transformed through the Holy Spirit and positive relationships.  Let’s transform together.

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Genesis Church
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