Charlie Tuttle : Lead Pastor                               

Sherri Tuttle: Co-Pastor        

Charlie grew up in Colorado and loves spending time in the mountains. He enjoys cars, golf, working out and being with friends.  The Tuttle’s have led Genesis Church since June 2002. Charlie is a graduate of Central Bible College (currently known as Evangel University) in Springfield, Mo. Charlie graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies.  He is also a published author, corporate trainer and international speaker.

Charlie’s message is simple; he believes anyone can experience life transformation through Jesus Christ!  His passion is to see people commit to Christ, discover their purpose and manifest their destiny.  Everything he teaches and shares pivots around this passion.  In addition to ministry, Charlie connects with business professionals as a consultant with the John Maxwell Team and helps people rediscover their health and well-being through nutrition and positive health practices.

His partner in ministry is his incredible wife, Sherri.  Sherri is a college graduate with a degree in early childhood education.  Sherri loves country living, long drives and spending time with their children.

One of Sherri’s most transformational experiences came from the pain of losing her mom when she was 12 years old. Her mom’s death significantly shaped Sherri’s life attitude and outlook. From that moment forward, Sherri decided to trust God completely and endlessly.  She discovered the greatness of God through her loss and His strength.

In 2005, Sherri was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. Given only a 20% chance to survive the next five years, Sherri engaged in an all-out assault against cancer.  Since her diagnosis to the present, she has successfully battled against cancer through her faith, positive attitude and confidence in God.  Sherri is more than a cancer survivor, she is a cancer-thriver! Her message is simple: cancer begins with “can” and you can defeat this disease.


Sherri directs and coaches the worship ministry of Genesis.  She also hosts seasonal events for the women at Genesis.  Her goal is to coach women into strength, wisdom, empowerment and legacy.  Sherri is determined not to allow life circumstances to dictate her response to God-opportunities.

For Charlie and Sherri, their greatest source of joy consists of their three strong and productive adult children: Gentry, Weston and Payton.  All three serve with them in ministry. Their family purpose is to increase the kingdom of God and love each other completely.